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My Story

 Where do I begin? My name is Amy and I am the creator, designer and curator of all things Studio 11 home & body.  I am beyond excited that you’re here!! Here’s a little tad bit of how I got here, After going through multiple military moves, being blessed with three wonderful kiddos, and an overseas move- I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long, to have a little something of my own that I created.  Even though I loved every minute of being supportive of my hero of a husband and getting to have the best life with my kiddos, I’ve always wanted to make and curate aromatherapy candles and make little treasures of my own.  After twenty plus years I’ve finally have the time, means and most of all COURAGE to DO IT!!  Let me tell you it took a lot of courage, but it’s been the best feeling in the world to mold and create the beauties I’m making. We’ve recently relocated to Huntsville from Germany, and I am so happy to be closer to family and friends!  We are a drive away instead a 12-hour plane ride away.   While our adventures in Europe were absolutely Amazing! I was so inspired from the different countries we visited. Beautiful colors were everywhere. Each building and cathedral were meticulously hand crafted by hand.  I really became appreciative of time spent on a craft and then becoming a beautiful masterpiece.   we are glad to be back where I have started my business.  I make everything in our studio at Lowe Mill, so every piece is handmade and unique.  Which makes them beautifully imperfect. I really am so excited to share this adventure and all my creations with all of you!! 


If you know me, you know I LOVE lighting candles everyday of the year.  There’s nothing cozier than an aromatic fragrance running through your house in any season!  All my fragrances are clean, Phthalate free, contain no carcinogens or no toxins.  The Soy wax is pure plant soy wax, so you can feel good about lighting your candle in your home, office, or serene place of comfort.

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